Ben Wilson

I find Ben Wilson’s attempt to turn something ugly into something beautiful rather interesting and fairly successful as the bright colours make the pieces stand out from the concrete/tarmac.  The discarded pieces of chewing gum, laden around the streets of London, have been turned into his canvases.

His inspiration came from his distaste of industrial waste and rubbish and his aim was to beautify the urban environment.

Wilson only works on pieces of chewing gum which have dried out and lack in moisture as this allows him to treat the gum, by heating it up and adding a lacquer to it, so that after he has painted on the design, in acrylic, it does not melt in the sun. Although the reasoning behind Wilson’s typology is practical: suitability for application of the medium and durability, the idea of having a typology the work is based on is stimulating. The use of typology could be a strong influence in my own work; however, my selection will be based upon the form and aesthetic qualities of the gum.


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