Simone Decker

‘Chewing in Venice,’ a series of installations by sculpture artist Simone Decker.  Her large-scale work was displayed and photographed all around the city of Venice.

I find Simone Decker’s work very inspiring as ‘chewed’ chewing gum is seen as disgusting and people avoid touching it but by increasing the scale she has created the urge for it to become tactile as it provokes a range of questions, such as “Is that real?”, “What is it made of?”, “Does it feel like chewing gum?”, etc.

The scale of these chewing gum sculptures and how they have been positioned and photographed at certain angles makes them appear to obstruct the path.  I think this has been very successful as they seem unavoidable.  The different sculptures show pieces of chewing gum in a variety of different stages of their ‘life cycle’ and I find this idea very interesting. I plan to explore the different appearances chewing gum can take on and decide if I am going to focus on just one or multiple forms for my final piece.


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