Metal Workshop



Ana Holck

At the Lost in Lace exhibition Ana Holck produced work that included the use of perspex hinges, which I am using for my unfolds, opens out or spreads out project.  Her architectural work tries to show an understanding and awareness of space as she replicates the hexagonal concrete pavement that is commonly found in Rio de Janeiro out of perspex and hinges the shapes so that the structure flows throughout the interior of the museum.  I find Holck’s construction of the hinges does not appear to impair the continuity of the visual effect which is what I would like to do with my piece of haute couture fashion accessory to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Tamar Frank

Tamar Frank’s key media is coloured lights.  In her recent piece ‘A thin line between space and matter’, she used phosphorescent threads to highlight detail created.  The phosphorescent threads absorb light energy that is emitted slowly.  This creates a colourful architectural form both delicate and intricate.  The inspiration for this piece came from the shapes and spaces created by the interior of the exhibiting building. I find this architectural detail is mirrored by the medium, which offers an intensity of colour, obtained from light energy, which transcends with the darkness.   This same delicacy of form has been created in Modernist works by the constructivist Naum Gabo.


When I looked into the construction of the embellishment of the ring and making the hinges for the pyramids out of acrylic, it led to some technical problems, due to the small-scale, which caused the piece to be redesigned into a bracelet and then into a fascinator to combat this.

To create the hinges I am going to have two small tabs at either end of each piece that unfolds out and drill holes through these so that I can peg it into place using thin metal rod.  I plan to use 5mm thick acrylic so that I have enough thickness to drill into the side of it, to form the holes for the pegs.  Each piece of the fascinator is going to be laser cut so that the tabs for my hinges fit together exactly.