Sculpture you can move through

I am going to make the rings of my sculpture out of white plastic pipe and screw in a series of hooks at 2cm intervals to attach the thread.  I am going to fashion wooden pegs to connect the pipes together that follow the angle of the curve.

When I did bent the pipes into a circle the curve of the wooden pegs caused a gap to be created between the pieces of pipe so I had to recreate the pegs out of metal in order for the join to be streamline.  This resulted in a complicated process of sandblasting, grinding, sanding, lubricating, rapid heating and cooling and pressure.  To fix the pipes onto the base I created metal pegs which I then flattened and angled to the correct degree of the curve and then bolted to the base boards.

To allow the focus of the sculpture to be on the design of the threads rather than the architectural structure, I have painted the form white so that it blends in with the white walls of its surrounding.


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