Tribal Clothing

In a post-apocalyptic situation a lot of people are going to be set back from all the technological advancements and will have to revert back to primitive methods.  I have decided to investigate into tribal clothing which would have used basic construction and decorative techniques.

Along with hand sewing I find the popular idea; originally used in both Native American Indian and Aboriginal tribes; of piercing and lacing material together intriguing as this original method is not only functional but also decorative.  In addition, there was one particular Native American Indian, decorative technique which I found interesting and felt would be useful to integrate into the cuffs of my clothing and that is Peyote.  This stitch is commonly associated with beadwork and has been developed over the years but still remains very popular now.  In a post-apocalyptic world one would need to utilise knowledge gained from researching the basic manufacturing techniques of historical and cultural contexts.  The manufacture of garments would reflect the influence of primitive tribal technologies but with the added advantage of utilising modern, technological advancement of material development.


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