Here is a list of found materials used to create the outfit:

  • Shower curtain – water resistant material used as the main fabric of jacket, trousers and headgear/bag and used for additional decorative elements to help to blend into the urban environment
  • Eyelets – (From shower curtain) used to string the pockets to the trousers so they can be wrapped around the front or back of the leg for ease of movement
  • Dish Cloths – sewn together to form an internal thermal lining
  • String – Draw string in waistband, ties to hold pockets on trousers in place around the front/back of leg, attach protective guards to the body
  • Velcro – used to secure the contents of the pockets, attach storage boxes/protective panels onto the inside of the jacket, fastening on jacket
  • Plastic bowls – main structure of headgear/bag
  • Nuts and bolts – used to attach the two bowls together
  • Sponges – Padding on the inside of the bottom bowl for comfort and added protection when worn as headgear
  • Rubberised placemats – used to form the lid of the headgear/bag
  • Pizza bases – used in between the rubberised placemats to add strength and stability to the lid of the headgear/bag
  • Shower curtain hooks – used to hinge the lid on the headgear/bag
  • Plastic tubing – used as a protective seal around the edge of the lid on the headgear/bag
  • Netting – used to protect the face against vast increase of midges attracted from the flood water
  • Silicone ice cube trays – used to form attachable protective guards
  • Bedroom drawer fabric inserts – used as padding/protection in the back of the jacket and as scavenging/storage boxes
  • Thread – used to hand sew materials in place
  • Glue – used to attach materials together

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