Visual Merchandising

I began brainstorming different situations and surroundings that create a complete atmosphere. I decided to focus my attention towards common experiences that people had a greater perception of. This would allow me to investigate ways to stimulate a combination of multiple senses in the viewer in order to create an extreme atmosphere.

My initial thoughts were of Visual Merchandising displays as they are an immediate example of simulating an environment in an appealing way order to attract attention.

I researched into Visual Merchandising and a lot of their shop window displays are often very seasonal. This inspired me to consider simulating nature or weather; as these areas people can easily identify with. Their general occurrence in day-to-day life, along with the prolific use of them for promotional purposes has given these topics a vast number of means for representation.

After narrowing my selection of themes down to the ones I was most inspired by, I finally settled on rain, as I was intrigued by both its visual and kinetic qualities.


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