Simulation Design Changes

The area available to build my simulation does not easily facilitate something to the scale that I have designed, so I need to address this problem. In addition, the use of fishing line and glycerine in the design removes the element of sound created by the landing of water droplets, so a recording of the sound of rain will need to be included to enhance the atmosphere.  Due to the fact the receptors for four out of the five senses can only be found on the head, I have decided to reduce the size of the simulation, so that it no longer encompasses the whole body, only the head and shoulders. By doing this, the construction of the design becomes more practical, whilst maintaining the overall effect of the simulator.

  • The method used to create the simulation remains unchanged
  • 1m in diameter, 0.5m high
  • Suspended from the ceiling
  • Hole to enter from underneath
  • Head and shoulders only area of the body inside the simulation.
  • Column of black fabric around the edge of the hole from the base to the floor to block out any outside light

This design was then adjusted to include the use of struts instead of hanging it from the ceiling due to the weight of the simulation and provide it with some rigidity.

  • 1m x 1m x 1.8m (Area for the simulation only 0.5m)
  • Sound effects of rain played in mini speakers situated in the corners of the simulation.

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