Whilst making this simulation I have encountered a few problems.

Although I glued down the edges of the pipe to make it water-tight, I still experienced some flooding on the top of my wood when the pump was switched on due to the fact that when I pierced the holes in the pipe the force pushing from the other side broke some of the seals. I then proceeded to re-glue all the edges again. Even after doing this I still experienced small amounts of flooding; however it was less than the previous time so I continued to repeat this process until it stopped. Unfortunately, as I had only protected the wood on the inside on the simulation and inside each hole as I hadn’t foreseen there being any major leaks the MDF had already started to swell. This could have been from either/or a combination of the top of the wood getting wet between the pipes or the water droplets not dripping straight down through the holes but running along the underneath of the pipe where the wood was not protected.

These effects then resulted in a new problem. After stopping the pipe from leaking on the roof, I then turned on the pump to see how the simulation appeared on the inside from the user’s point of view. I then discovered that out the 25m of pipe that I had pierced at roughly 1 inch intervals, only a limited number of holes had water dripping through. I do not know what exactly has caused this but I only guess at either the unlikely scenario that the wood has swollen so much that there is no room for the water to drip through or that from re-sealing the entire pipe again from the leaks the glue has sealed up a large number of the holes.

If I was to remake this simulation I would definitely spend the extra money and have an acrylic roof that I then drilled the holes into so that it was water proof and would be less of a problem if any leaks did occur.


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