I have explored many possibilities for potential music to feature in my advertisement.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the right piece of music that perfectly matched the way I envisaged my advert to sound, so I collaborated with a composer in order to produce a piece of music that encapsulated my desired effect.


Within the given timescale, I was unable to get an appropriate person to model for my video, which meant my only other option was to model for it myself.  I planned out each camera shot, I wanted in my advertisement, in order to give it a slight narrative and then set up the camera for each different shot. I collected a vast amount of footage to give myself a large number of shots to choose between, when editing.  After much deliberation, I gradually edited my footage down to a short video, between 30 seconds to a minute long.  I chose to produce a short video as I was creating an advert which meant it needed to be direct and to the point.

Camera Shots

Due to the fact that the video, I’m producing for my bag, is an advertisement and its aim is to be visually appealing, I decided to thoroughly research into different types of cinematography.  I plan to include a few short clips of different artistic shots that will make the video more aesthetically pleasing.  I  am most interested in the idea of symmetry and repetition, so I aim to produce a couple of shots that include this aspect.


I considered many different locations to shoot my video, ranging from idyllic countryside to crowded, city streets and contemplated different times of day to film, as this would affect the mood of the piece.  Finally, I selected Brindley Place, by the canal in Birmingham, and for the advert to be shot late at night, when it was dark and there were fewer people around.  I chose this location, because I felt the array of fairy lights created a beautiful and inviting surrounding and the water from the canal held potential for some artistic video footage to be captured.


The bag is the main focal point of my advertisement, so I want to make sure that the outfit, worn by the model, is very simple, so as not to detract from it but still complimenting it.   I decided on a simple black dress with a hint of lace down the arms.  The contrast of light and dark, though the revealing of pale skin, broken up with an intricate black pattern, gave an inverse imitation of the positive and negative imagery featured on the bag; exaggerated with the use of black and white.  A pair of elegant, black high heels with a mirrored heel.  This resembles the reflective quality of the acrylic handle and buckle.  Finally, to create the illusion of selling the image as a whole I have made a black belt with a white buckle identical to the red buckle featured on the bag.  Each of these aspects reinforces different elements of my design to help promote the product.