How I See Birmingham

Leaving behind the tranquillity of the natural world in the surrounding area, the developed world of Birmingham City erupts with a cacophony of sound: voices, music, machines; and flashing images: colours, shapes, patterns, textures, overwhelming the senses. Buildings towering high above, like frozen giants, made from solid concrete. The darkened glass façades reflecting the sun in a myriad of geometric shapes. Dazzled by a piercing light, bouncing off a mirrored surface. Dark shadows contrast against pale, polished granite; its surface cool to the touch. Textured surfaces of concrete walls are interspersed with rectangular brick patterns.  A low hum of communication reverberates within the surrounding area.  A complex maze of tarmac, topped with a multitude of vehicles in a kaleidoscopic assortment of colours, intertwines the structures.  This busy world never sleeps, as I watch each aspect to a different story unfold beneath me.321scan0001


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City Puppet

“Puppet – A moveable model of a person or animal used in entertainment and typically moved either by strings from above or by a hand inside it.”

There is a large variety of puppetry in existence: ranging from the different Asian forms of shadow puppets to hand, glove and finger puppets to rod puppets and marionettes to costumes enclosing the puppeteer and finally to the advanced technology of animatronics and digital puppets.