I began to think about corporate style and merchandising:  image, logo, advertising, packaging, etc and how exclusive designer labels, like Louis Vuitton, make a simple statement in a subtle way with repeating logos. Also, howexclusive designs are boxed and items protected with acid free tissue for protection. This led me to the idea of printing my design on tissue paper. Also, I then considered the subtly of the image on a delicate material.  Although, black and white contrast each other will on my bag I felt this was too harsh for the fine tissue paper which is why I decided to print it in grey instead.  This kept the design subtle and sophisticated.

I moved away from the cube concept for display and into packaging.  Had there been a little more time, I would have made a template for the Tecton Design ambigram to be embossed on the box lid. Again I feel ‘less is more’, as the complexity of the design is benefited by the simplicity of ‘white on white’ embossing or grayscale printing. It draws the eye without being garish. It has a classy feel but fresh, fun and different with the optical imagery of the ambigram.


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