How I See Birmingham

Leaving behind the tranquillity of the natural world in the surrounding area, the developed world of Birmingham City erupts with a cacophony of sound: voices, music, machines; and flashing images: colours, shapes, patterns, textures, overwhelming the senses. Buildings towering high above, like frozen giants, made from solid concrete. The darkened glass façades reflecting the sun in a myriad of geometric shapes. Dazzled by a piercing light, bouncing off a mirrored surface. Dark shadows contrast against pale, polished granite; its surface cool to the touch. Textured surfaces of concrete walls are interspersed with rectangular brick patterns.  A low hum of communication reverberates within the surrounding area.  A complex maze of tarmac, topped with a multitude of vehicles in a kaleidoscopic assortment of colours, intertwines the structures.  This busy world never sleeps, as I watch each aspect to a different story unfold beneath me.321scan0001


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