Collection of items, such as keys, nuts, bolts, coins, etc.



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To reflect Birmingham’s rich industrial influence I decided to create the bird entirely out of metal.  I then came up with two different ideas for the development of the structure.  One idea was to create a bird with a sleek, flat structure to represent the array of surfaces across the city: reflective, dull, smooth and textured; the other was to build the bird out of a montage of different items representing different aspects of Birmingham.

These ideas are two very different styles so I decided to proceed with both and explore the two possibilities.



Even though the wings are controlled by cogs and a motor, its simple motion is very fluid and I feel it embodies the graceful movement of a bird flying.

I have designed my own mechanism, influenced by the movement created by the cogs and I have designed it to be controlled from underneath the puppet.



After thoroughly researching numerous types of movement, I finally came across this automata which I found  very interesting and a possibility for the movement of my puppet so I explored its construction

IMG_0438 IMG_0439 IMG_0440

The creation of the main framework of the mechanism was rather simple, however, after close examination I discovered that the control of the extension was produced by a large arcing movement.  This then created a series of complex construction problems between attaching the wing to the bird securely and being able to produce the movement. Due to these issues, I continued my research into other types of movement.


I plan to have to bird suspended from the ceiling with the mechanism being controlled from beneath the puppet by the audience as an interactive piece. This allows the bird to look down on its surroundings and I feel it will accurately depict and emphasize how I view the city.