Due to the weight of the wings, the opposing forces on the central tab, to control the movement, are too great and immense force is required to counteract this.  In order to lift the weight of the wings and regain a fluid movement, the puppet will have to be controlled using strings from above attached to the end of each wing.  Therefore, I have decided to suspend the bird from a rod and allow it to become a hand-held, marionette puppet.  In addition, I am going to attach a spring onto mechanism.  By attaching a spring in favour of the strings controlling it from above it will reduce the resisting force and increase the ease of movement.

Also, in order to have the minimum space between the two sides and a simplistic mechanism, I had to not use additional linkages, which would have been space-consuming, to allow for the arcing movement of the wings’ levers but instead allow for minor flexion of the sides and tolerances around pivots to cope with the movement not being transverse (up and down) by leaving it open the operator and audience can see the mechanism, which looks more industrial and enhances that aspect, as well as keeping the body slim and sleek.


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