Yayoi Kusama

I recently visited the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, at the Tate Modern, where I became very inspired by her work, especially “Infinity Mirrored Room – Filled with the Brilliance of Life”.

After altering my design from using glycerine and fishing line to create the rain effect to just using water dripping down, I felt this simplified the simulation quite a bit and didn’t maintain the same visual effect that would constantly exist from the fishing line so I decided to add mirrors to the interior to create an infinity wall effect.  This would allow the dripping rain to appear to continue on forever and enhance the visual impact of the piece for the purpose of immersion therapy.



Pho.b.ia: a diverse collection of seemingly unrelated objects and artworks under the umbrella of fear, dislike and aversion. 

In this exhibition I visited, a range of phobias have been portrayed from popular aversions, such as spiders, to very idiosyncratic pathological terrors, such as buttons, wrinkles or long words and amongst the pieces of artwork were names of various phobias from which people suffer.

Gabriel Dawe

“Introducing Gabriel Dawe” – Plexus No. 10: Materialising the Structure of Light.

Gabriel Dawe’s large-scale structures using a network of threads shows the spectrum of colours visible when a ray of white light is shone through a prism.  I found his installation rather inviting as you walked through the guided paths of disorienting colour and line.  Dawe’s use of thread within his work is very controversal as it rebels against the traditional perceptions of “women’s work”.

I had a feeling of peace and serenity as I walked through Dawe’s exhibition.  The smooth flowing lines created by the threads made it a very tranquil environment.