I plan to present my game by filming it in action.  Ideally, I would like to show this by having it projected on the floor of the playing space, in the city, so it can be seen it in its original context and allows people to interact with it like they would if it was still being played live.


Invent a game that uses the city as its arena

The barrier separating people and the built up environment is gradually being broken down and an interaction between the two is starting to be formed through leisure and sporting activities, such as Parkour and urban games.

“Invent a game that uses the city as its arena.  Play it.”

In order to create my own unique urban interaction game, I looked into existing pervasive games, (many of which are featured in IGFEST or Ludocity) and I began photographing and analysing locations around the city and identifying their different properties to find the optimum playing spaces where my game could take place.

Map of Birmingham City Centre showing areas which have been analysed for optimum playing space.