This two-day project allowed us to explore and familiarise ourselves with the new surroundings and engage our thinking before launching the Field Guide.

‘A small print on a mailbox becomes something really precious when you remove all the noise around it and isolate it from its setting.’ (Merel Karhof, Project Two).

Explore familiar and alien surroundings by isolating, documenting and displaying anything you think will create a new awareness of the landscape.

Bournville is a picturesque village with a rich Quaker history and strong industrial links to the Cadbury Factory. I chose to focus my attention on the shapes and patterns found within Bournville that have been maintained over the years.

My aim was to highlight the decorative detail in the village and use it to form a structure.  I used the design in the window to form a net pattern which I then folded into a 3D structure and added detail using cut work.

With more time I would have liked to laser cut the detail so that the cut work designs were clean and crisp which would give it a more dynamic finish.